Di Natale – Bertelli is today an international company, which exports more than 80% of its production to more than 40 countries of the world. Over time, the company passed from a semi-automatic production to a fully automated production. The number of internal collaborators is today of around 40 units. It grew constantly during the years. This led to a consolidated turnover of over 12 million of Euro.

In our company, we follow all the phases of realization: from the design and initial consultation to the production of the finished product.


The mass production uses numerical control machines with high technological content. They guarantee great dimensional reliability and precision. Every phase of the work cycle is subjected to an intermediate control piece by piece. The dynamism of the company and the continuous technical production guarantee a quality product, which is always constant over time.

An always-updated warehouse allows us to satisfy customers for immediate orders; moreover, our technical and commercial departments are always at the complete disposal of the customer, ensuring a constant and timely service.


Di Natale-Bertelli Spa pays particular attention to safety issues.

A technical staff constantly works to comply with the most up-to-date safety regulations, laying the design bases for safer and safer products.

The safety is not only for the operators, but also for the product and for the process, in which it is included.

Only the study and the search for increasingly innovative and technological solutions guarantee ever more reliable and safe products.

Di Natale - Bertelli SpA has placed security at the base of its company mission.

It is aware that the constant efforts in this area make customers more satisfied, in order to have products, which studied, designed and built to increase reliability over the years and to avoid possible incidents to the operators.